The Reason

There can be no doubt in too many peoples minds that today’s landscape has become a sea of grey on so many levels as the authenticity of life, the realness of life, the true meaning of life, gets dragged into a realm of contrived reality.

Many times we see that people have two sets of standards by which they live. One for their church activities and interaction with other Christians, and another for their personal life at home, in business, socially and in their leisure time. Why is this so? Is it supposed to be like this?

The business environment sees the frenetic pace and demand for profit leading to a common philosophy adopted by countless individuals and organisations, that of, ‘dog eat dog’. Is this what life is supposed to be like? Is this really how business should be? Terms such as ‘cut throat’, ‘hostile takeover’, ‘crush the competition’, ‘economic hit-men’, etc are bandied around all day and every day in a highly strung environment which often gets taken home and impacts countless families across the globe.

Then there is the corruption, deceit, winning at all and any cost, greed, profiteering, price fixing, nepotism and on and on; until it becomes seriously ridiculous. And of course all of this will be denied by the perpetrators with the most honest and shocked expression that anyone would think such a thing.

The Challenge

So then, the real challenge for each and every one of us is whether we will be part and parcel of the sea of grey, being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine and or promise of hidden treasures, or whether we will stand and be counted for the truth of the Word of God in a generation which seems to have lost its ability to navigate along the paths of love, of a sound mind and of the power to serve with the mind of Christ.

The Message

This blog serves to encourage you to make this stand and to help equip those who desire to know and follow authentic principles and ethics from the truth of the Word of God, that which is sorely lacking today and that which is needed to stand out from the crowd in a sea of grey as authentic and Spirit filled witnesses and ambassadors for Christ.

The Service

By the grace and mercy of God, the ability and measure of Christ, and Him alone, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I look forward to and count it a privilege to be of service to my Lord as He would use Kings Trust Ministries as His vessel and I earnestly pray that the content of this blog would determine to communicate and glory in nothing else, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified and that no other message and or foundation can we lay than that which has been set on our behalf,  that which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

May no glory go to the man, but all glory go to God; and may you be greatly encouraged to earnestly contend for the faith and to stand only for the truth of the Word of God and His authentic principles and ethics in a sea of grey.

Yours in Christ

Gareth Hosking

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