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This Christmas

This Christmas, earnestly pray for your unsaved family and friends, that God might have mercy on them and that by His grace, they might be drawn unto Him and come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. After all, this is why Jesus Christ was born.

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Understanding the truth of the Word of God

Understanding the truth of the Word of God comes not by degree or academic effort but by revelation

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In which seat are you?

If God is your co-pilot in life you are in the wrong seat

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Bear fruit for Christ

Rather be a fruit tree which bears much fruit in its due season than an evergreen tree which never bears fruit at all

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See past the weakness of others

In order to show the true love of Christ in this world you are going to have to see past the masks and facades of others, the masks which cover hearts filled with bitterness, hatred, anger, hurt and pain.

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Take joy in your salvation

Salvation shouldn’t be a painful thing to endure. It was for our Saviour, but it shouldn’t be for you and for me.

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